1.About Asian Youth Development and Network Building Program
“The Asian Youth Development and Network Building Program,” hereinafter referred to as “AYNIT”, will be jointly offered by Nanjo City, Ie Village, and Tokashiki Village through organizing “Executive Committee for Asian Youth Development and Network Building Program”, hereinafter referred to as “committee”.
High school students from different countries and regions in Asia will be gathered in Okinawa which has rich historical, cultural, local resources to grow global minded youth and to contribute the regional development through living a life together, facing to the local issues, and having various experiences and exchanges.
Afterwards, we wish the friendship over the countries and cultures will be established and different and variety of culture, societies, and point of view will be discovered by the participating youth. Moreover, we are expecting to the local students to become ready for the increasing foreign tourists and attract more fans from other region of Japan.
2017 program offers participants an opportunity to rediscover regional charm and diverse way of thinking by studying regional challenges. You will experience the nature and culture of Okinawa with colleagues, nurturing global mindset which would motivate you to contribute to your community in the future.
The program will be carried out in English.

(2)Participants (In total 46 participants)
◇Asian countries and areas
・Kingdom of Cambodia・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
・People’s Republic of China・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
・Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China・・2
・Republic of Indonesia・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
・Republic of Korea・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
・Lao People’s Democratic Republic・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2

・Republic of the Philippines・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
・Republic of Singapore・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
・Kingdom of Thailand・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
・Socialist Republic of Viet Nam・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
Subtotal 22
・Nanjo City, Okinawa・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・19
・Ie Village, Okinawa・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・3
・Takachiho Town, Miyazaki・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・2
Subtotal 24